7 Qualities of a highly influential writer


Words matter. The words we say and the way we communicate are the most precious assets.

Still, so often, we tend to overlook it. Think this: if a guest visit your website and observe the missing logo or a tagline (branding), would that guest recognize your brand? Are your communicating your brand the way you wish to? Here in this post, in not specific order, are few of the most important qualities of highly influential writers based on my personal experience as a writer/editor and a reader.

These traits are important for an influential writer because these qualities highlight a specific openness and devotion-both of which are critical to accomplish writing mastery. Take a look at these 6 most important characteristics of a successful writer.

  1. They have patience

Influential writers are patient. They can understand that completing a writing demands persistence and it’s no simple task. There will be a time when a writer feel absolutely blank. That moment, a writer needs to be persistent and keep on writing. This patience will ultimately present you a completed piece of writing that you will be pleased with.

2.  Reading Habit

Influential writers are mostly avid readers because being absorbed profoundly in words aids a person to realize the basics of writing more effectively, for example tone, syntax and framing of writing. More reading means more learning about all the various writing techniques and perspectives that a writer can utilize.

3. Clarity of Ideas

One of the most annoying experiences is to sound dumb, especially when you are writing something. it is important to sift through the ideas that we comes to our minds in a muddied condition and pen the down. Writing demands clarity of ideas or thoughts. An influential writer is capable to distill intricate thoughts into clear and simple language. This critical characteristic assists writers to handle even the most complex of subjects through segregating them into simple ideas.

4. Openness

Being flexible towards external suggestions and edits is important for influential writers since it facilitates them to enhance their writing, although it can harm their ego. Being open-minded facilitate a writer to see their writing through the perceptions of others and rectify their weak areas.

5. Effective Listening/Observing

Influential writers need to be effective listeners as well as observers of their environs during those events when they are not writing. This is their research time. Writers can bring life to the characters they meet in real time through creative thinking.

6. Discipline

Efficient writers excel through their discipline. The writes, edits and enhance their writing skills through continuous writing. Influential writers are dedicated to constantly reassessing their skills, no matter how unimportant the task is. They emphasize on their draft and are persistently working to get effective through profound discipline.

7. Ability to link ideas

An influential writer influences readers with their ability to join the ideas into a single cohesive piece of writing. They know how to bring life to a character, how to press an emotion or write an impressive closing.


Fair enough.

Hope this would give you a better idea about an influential writer and what it takes to be one.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome!





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