Use Facebook Live for Smart Marketing


Videos on the internet is similar to a bread: having it fresh is better or else it will get musty and stale. That is why platforms like Periscope and Meerkat have discovered live video streaming as a way of successful marketing. Now Facebook has also launched its own video streaming so we know this new trend will last longer.

In today’s post, I am going to share seven diverse ways you can use Facebook Live video streaming option to facilitate a more involving and eventually more productive marketing exposure for your customers.  The option holds immense potential to grow your business and that iconic simplicity of Facebook makes it the leading video platform till date.

Share your brand experience with your customers

A business with a tangible storefront acquires extremely productive results through video streaming. Since it is difficult to make your clients look and feel the products through images or text, and bearing the trouble of creating a video might not offer benefits as desired. Instead, if you plan to host a live video streaming where you offer potential buyers a tour of your shop and answering questions as they come during the session. The same impact can be obtained through a presentation of your service or product in a live event.

This feature can even go beyond just hosting a live session. You can take advantage thorugh the 24-hour Facebook Live option. Through this, you could set up a live session demonstrating your typical office or store activities throughout the day. These efforts can actually offer a massive potential to grow your business as you will be able to educate existing and new clients regarding what you offer. Moreover, a live video session of this level has been proven to be seen more in the Facebook News Feed.

Webinars and Event Hosting

A well-executed webinar has immense power to cause online business marketing success, however, they also need a lot of time and effort to make it effective. In addition, most of the webinar platforms today are complicated and few are expensive as well.

Through Facebook Live, you can easily organize a webinar and there is no need to leave the platform. Facebook Tools will make it easier for you to do all the marketing tasks. This also expands to any sort of event you are planning to host. For example, if you a stall set up a business exhibition. You could conveniently stream live through your stall and ask viewers to visit your stall personally. Propose some incentive and you can boost your sales prospects quickly.

Below are few methods to reap the most out of such events:

  • Request your viewers to hit the invite button during the show. You could also use it by yourself to increase the traffic.
  • Look out for the emojis to identify the interest level of your audience.
  • If your video length permits you to save it, do it and share it later and enjoy more views.
  • Promote your event through all your social media accounts before the session.

Conduct Q&A and interview sessions

Sessions like Q&A and interviews tend to appeal more audience if they are going on live since they add credibility to your event. Certainly, this can also cause glitches or mistakes. This actually is not a disadvantage of using Facebook Live, rather a cue that mistakes can happen in a live session. It is important to create a backup.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook performs such video events constantly and he actively motivates people to offer their queries in the comments which he answers live. Through this method, you can find out queries of your customers and acquire direct feedback about your brand.

Plan Live Lectures

Knowledge is valuable. You can offer a massive amount of value through teaching your viewers about something that can benefit them. In short, you can plan live lectures or classes. During these sessions, you can boost immense involvement through resolving questions from your audience. For example:

  • A blog writer can organize a live class to teach his/her viewers about designing their own websites
  • A management consultant can offer a series of online courses presented live to the students who wish to prepare for some certifications.

Make your new product launch a live event

New product launches are very exciting, however, they are also exquisite. Most of the times, only VIPs and Press are invited to the live event. Nowadays, several industries have started live streaming of their launches to offer their viewers a VIP feel.

You can showcase your product and its features and how it is going to change the lives of your customers.

Present Employees and Leaders

Hiring talented personnel has become quite difficult nowadays. Your brand comprises of more than merely a logo and a general public perception. There is also a profound, employee=oriented component of your product. This means they wish to see a firm that encourages and values their workers. You can market this through offering your employees some attention. This will not only attract potential employees but will also facilitate you to present its human aspect which would foster more credibility from your audience.

Every month, select an employee that you wish to highlight and organize a live event where they can showcase their positive at your firm and show their routine work life. try to make this a continuous practice as this will help your product to relate with your audience while enticing top talent for your business.

Make your customer service go live

The final strategy highlights your customer service. If you have an issue with a customer, reach them through Facebook Live and talk to them live to resolve the problem swiftly while maintaining a personal feel.  You can also present your leader to resolve the issue at once if the same query is raised by several people. This will offer you to take your customer service to a next level.

Facebook Live has undoubtedly brought the idea of live video streaming to the spotlight and it is massive for organizations. Utilize these seven techniques and boost your business through this amazing service.

Let me know how does your business use Facebook Live?




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