User-Generated Content-What it is and how it can boost sales?


Who do you think is responsible for making the most important content for your company’s website?

A marketing firm? Or your customers?

Yes, customers. Customers are creating the most valuable content for firms across the globe. However, in my knowledge, few firms have understood this fact and realized how important is the user-generated content is or can be for their businesses. As a matter of fact, user-generated content is more beneficial at boosting sales as compared to the content you write. The reason is that the prospect buyers are more likely to accept the face-value of their peers.

User Generated Content (UGC) is content written by an audience related with a brand. Anything from social media, testimonials, reviews, blog posts or forum posts can be termed as UGC.

Certainly, not all forms of UGC or any other content assists in boosting sales. In the sales cycle, content has to aim users at a specific point and shift to the next (preferably, creating a customer or a purchase).

Let us take a look at different forms of UGC which are most beneficial for sales.


When we talk about selling, user reviews is one of the most common and the most important type of UGC. An Econsultancy report statistics suggested that 61 percent of customers read user reviews prior making a purchase decision while 63 percent prefer to make a purchase through a site which has user reviews. There are few options for you to encourage your customers to write a review. For example, Trustpilot and Reevoo inquire customers to leave their reviews and feedbacks and offer widgets that generate a link to your organization’s review web page. These services also offer the advantage increasing your website trust and credibility.


Several testimonials begin as a user review and more often they are more detailed as compared to user reviews. However, what actually differentiates them is that you can select which testimonial to be uploaded on your web page.

Acquiring testimonials is not difficult. You can approach your happiest brand customer and ask if they can create a video testimonial for your site. Alternatively, you can simply get excerpts from existing user reviews.

Idea! : A little gesture of thankfulness with a gift can increase the probability of getting a positive response.


Many people think that if your customers ask a question on a forum about your product, is not a useful type of UGC. However, it’s not true. Every time a customer post a query regarding your brand online, it’s a big advantage. The reason, if questions are being posted and answered on a community platform such as a forum that forms a content which is indexable, searchable and the capability to generate qualified website traffic. So don’t take those questions easy.

Online Contests

Online contests can be a highly productive way to boost the customers to generate content. Customers are inquired to make and submit something against a chance to win a gift, mostly a photo, a video or a piece of written content. One thing to remember, if you will ask a laborious task to do in a contest, you will get fewer entries.

Social Media

UGC is a massive gadget for marketers but with a huge obstacle-customers on social media are least likely to buy. Indeed, this is changing. Websites like Instagram offers its users with native advertising, whereas remarketing ads are apparently low on Facebook. Users need to align to advertising on such platforms, however, that does not essentially mean they like to see it.

You can overcome this obstacle and increase the efficiency of social media marketing through utilizing user-generated content. Inquire your customers to share appropriate UGC on social platforms while adding your brand name with a hashtag.

Hope you find the post useful. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.


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